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MSc in Mental Health Psychology

Qualified, Insured & Accredited Aromatherapist offering Holistic Massage, Acupressure & Aromatherapy to female clients. 

For as long as I can remember I have suffered from poor mental health and for years I controlled it through medication alone.  I have also been an asthmatic since I was a child, suffering hayfever all year and reliant on controlling with medication alone.  It was a close friend of mine that introduced me to essential oils and their benefits.  I had been in Business Development & Sales throughout all my working life, and so selling this concept to me was hard, as I was a skeptic of how something could work naturally.  

I started to learn more, to use oils in my daily life; both for their aroma and their therapeutic effects. I am an eternal learner & completed a Masters in Mental Health Psychology and following a divorce from a 15 years marriage, I realised wellbeing and self-care were vital in the society we find ourselves living in today.  Having done years of traveling around the country and early morning trains to London, I decided to retrain as a Clinical Aromatherapist.  

The aim of my passion and career is to be able to support others' conditions and lives with the natural properties of essential oils upon the body systems.  To pass all that I have learned on to others to benefit their lives.  Many people feel trapped with the conditions that they live with day to day and the symptoms that these bring them.  25thhourltd was born to free people of this with natural support and wellbeing.

Services offered

Aromatherapy Specific Condition Consultation & Support

Bespoke Blends & Products & Oil Collection subscription

Mental Health Support

Aromatherapy Massage

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Sarah was really welcoming and very professional. She explained the treatment and oils that would help with various issues I had as a client. Very happy with her service and will be returning to get the full benefits of aromatherapy

 - Nicole

Sarah has been able to use her knowledge and expertise to support my Cerebral Palsy condition.  Having lived with it all my life, her blends of oils have eased my spasms, aided my sleep, and supported my nervous system & circulation.

- Louise

I have suffered from my knee joint pain for some time, giving me pain in the day and sleepless nights.  Having tried all manner of medication, Sarah blended me oil to rub into my knees at night to also support sleeping and one for the day to help the pain.  I was amazed at the difference and the improved movement and pain-free living.  Forever grateful.

- Jenny


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