The benefits to your business of onsite seated massage


The presence of stresses and strains in the workplace is normal, and somewhat inevitable in the world that we live in today.  High levels, however, can be limiting and reduce employee output and therefore the overall success of a business.  Concentration is decreased as symptoms increase.


Leaders in business and industry have recognised the need to reduce organisational stress.  Culminative stressors in the workplace are significant contributing factor to a multitude of health problems in employees and can manifest in a variety of ways.  Some staff will display more psychophysiological symptoms, while others display psychological distress, lowered productivity, increased vulnerability to work injury and a range of acute or chronic health conditions.  Employee stress is associated with a host of negative psychological outcomes; burnout, increased anxiety and depression, decreased cognitive functioning.  Massage therapy has been proven to alleviate psychological and Physiological strain and can facilitate response coping.  As one of the oldest forms of treatment, existing in all cultures, massage improves immunity, improves mood, wellbeing, alertness and enhances levels of performance.


Research from Hodge, Robinson, Boehmer, Klein (2006), shows that employees which had a 20-minute massage over a set period had decreased anxiety, less sleep disturbance, improved blood pressure and heart rate, whilst cognitive scores and overall health ratings improved. 


Onsite Seated or chair massage is a 20-minute massage, brought to your business and as it is done through the outer layer of clothes, it's easy for you and simple for your staff to gain the benefits whilst at work. Providing a short break for the mind, a combination of stretches for the body compliment mental relaxation and remedial support for the neck, back and head.


This treatment was brought to the UK following its introduction in 1984 by David Palmer at Apple Computers in Silicon Valley. The treatment requires no oils or creams and staff commitment time is low, making this the ideal treatment for your staff to feel refreshed and revitalised with minimum time away from the business.  Staff have improved job satisfaction and productivity, relieving negative psychological, physiological and behavioural strain symptoms.


This is not a treatment to resolve injury, but to provide regular servicing for the body to help it perform at its best. This relates to the body and the mind, so the return of investment to your business and staff is high. The art comes from the Japanese and works on the body meridians, which is the network of flow throughout the body. Points on this meridian are responsible for the corresponding organ and organs around it, which is why you need to look for a trained, insured professional. Muscle pressure is applied, and the surrounding area massaged stimulating acupressure points across the body to produce a rejuvenating treatment.  The whole session is tailored to relax and revitalise whilst finishing with light and bright stimulating movements to boost staff energy and leave them feeling invigorated.

These points are similar to that of acupuncture and are the points where the meridians come to the surface to meet. Blockages of energy are freed to increase flow and trigger points worked on for specific muscles which cause pain.

Benefits to onsite seated massage

- reduces muscular tension, pains and headaches

- increases joint flexibility

- body relaxes

- relieves stress, anxiety and depression

- promotes wellness

- releases endorphins and rejuvenates

- increases blood flow and oxygen

- improves posture, joint flexibility

- Reduces the risk of RSI or posture, tension related conditions

- increases energy and alertness

A short confidential consultation is required before all treatments to ensure that any medical contraindications are taken into account. The difference to many other massage treatments is that the Client is seated in a seated massage chair, provided by the therapist and the techniques are more energetic. This allows for the overall benefits of a more revitalizing, toning treatment in which the muscles are relaxed, and the blood circulation increased.


For your staff, this promotes wellbeing, unravels their tense aching muscles, stretches cramped muscles, tendons and ligaments and reduces aches and pains. As the body circulation is increased the nervous system is soothers and stress levels lower with more energy. Clients benefit from regular treatment.