#kindness to yourself

With the start of Mental Health Awareness week, amidst the strange reality that we find ourselves living in today, it is now even more important that we are looking after our Mental Health, as much as we are our physical health.

On a daily basis we are influenced by the stresses and strains placed on us. Both through the pace of life that we find ourselves hurtling through the day at, the media and social media messages that infiltrate us and the pressures and challenges that life throws our way. We all carry with us beliefs and thinking styles, which we have carried with us since childhood, and the more that these have become affirmed through our thinking, the more that we believe in them and find them harder to change. Yet, no one ever taught us to control these and which were more helpful or harmful, like we were taught to write, or ride a bike?

We use these beliefs like a defence mechanism, a protective wall built around us. In reality our beliefs are nothing more than habitual thoughts. If positive this does not present a problem to us, but when they are negative then this is when we suffer. Our own reality is filtered through these beliefs.

The reality is that we all have control over our thinking and rather than creating and maintaining current limiting thoughts, with time we can change this just like with any habit. Everyday you are presented with things that you either choose to normalise, yet on other days this can culminate into more unmanageable and out of control thinking. Acknowledging this, and recognising that each day you have the power to change your thoughts and allow yourself to have more control over your thoughts is one way to promote better mental health. There will be things that happen in life, that is for certain, but it is how we teach ourselves to manage this that helps us to succeed.

Be kind and compassionate with yourself and in each moment remind yourself that your thoughts are constructed from within and you have the power to change those that are not helpful to you.

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