Essential oils have proven healing effects on the body and the mind and are a gentle and sensitive alternative to the potential side effects, reaction, dependence, and addiction to authentic drugs.

The balancing effect that they have on the body holistically supports the immunity to developing the disease and mental health imbalance.  Despite the fact that they are natural, just as humans are constructed of chemical structures, this is also true of plants.  Each leaf and flower is composed of millions of elements, known as atoms.  These combine to form molecules and ultimately the structure of the plant.  For an aromatherapist, each and every molecule produces a particular effect and therapeutic benefit.

With all of these processes, the quality of oils that you can buy on the market varies, and choosing a reputable supplier is vital.  Adulteration of oils may affect the quality, this can occur through the dilution of expensive pure oil to make it go further by using an alcohol spirit base, a cheaper essential oil, isolation, or substitution.

Safe dilution - An Aromatherapist studies the safe dilution of the oils and the correct use of essential oils. 

A synergy is created by blending two or more oils together.  The chemistry causes new substances, which properties as a whole combine to more than the sum of the individual parts.  This is where the magic happens.   When an Aromatherapist blends they will take several factors into account. The oil will need to be acceptable to the client, meet the treatment objective, synergy, safe, and take into account any carrier oil properties.