Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years as a traditional remedy for health and wellbeing.  The use of fragrances and natural plant extractions to affect mood, body, and mind.  The oils replicate or potentiate the effects of natural hormones and the body is treated as a whole.  This is even more important in the world we find ourselves living in today, where we have a reliance on medication from a strained NHS, increasing public dissatisfaction, together with an increasing mental health situation with alarming statistics.  

The skin and the lungs are vital to the delivery of aromatherapy.  Oils have very fine molecules and so unlike the oils that they are carried in they are absorbed into the body beyond the dermis of the skin, allowing them to have an effect on the body systems and organs (more about this to follow).  The hands are key to the application and continual touch.  The effects of the oils can be on the following body systems; skin, vascular, skeletal, muscles, lymphatic, endocrine, reproductive, digestive, respiratory, urinary, and the immune.  


Aromatherapy has a significant effect on all of the body's systems and coupled with the powerful effect of the oils this provides a significant benefit to treatment.

Skin - Antiseptic healing properties, Anti-inflammatory to benefit rashes, wounds or skin conditions, Cicatrisant stimulates skin growth for scars and wounds, Deodorant, Fungicidal for conditions such as athletes foot or ringworm. Insect repellent or Parasiticides to treat lice or scabies.

Skeletal system - joints and muscles benefit as the blood is warmed and stimulated by the massage and the oils, oxygen is brought to the joint to reduce and remove lactic acid and waste. Anti-inflammatory, rheumatics reduce, and relieve pain. Depurative detoxify and Rubefacients stimulate and warm the area.

Lymphatic System - Stimulating the system produces antibodies and the filtering of tissue to remove waste. 

Nervous System - Slowing down of reactions and relaxing an overactive nervous system. Sedatives, adrenal stimulants, hypnotics, stimulants, nervine, and antidepressants. 

Endocrine System - Control of overactive and under-active thyroid, balancing the reproductive system and controlling high blood sugar levels through the communication of hormones. 

Reproductive System - Supports PMT, menopause, Fluid retention, and hormones. Uterine tonics, hormone influencing, emmenagogues induce menstruation. 

Digestive System - Prevents Pain & spasm by aiding movement and natural peristalsis. Carminatives reduce flatulence and nausea; hepatics support the liver function and cholagogues stimulate the effects of the gall bladder. 

Respiratory System - Works as an antispasmodic, decongestant, expectorant, and antiviral antiseptic.

Urinary System - Clears infection through the use of diuretics to aid removal and relieving symptoms and bacterial infections

Immune System - Strengthens immunity through regular use, attack bacteria already in the body, or stimulate cells and organs to be better equipped to fight them. Antivirals, Bactericidal, Cytophylactics increase white blood cells, vermifuges eradicate worms, vulneraries help heal wounds. 

Circulatory System - Hypertensives stimulate circulation, Hypotensives lower blood pressure, tonics support varicose veins and hemorrhoids.